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BOMB 100/Summer 2007


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Joe Zucker interviews Chuck Close.


Matthea Harvey interviews Kara Walker.

Brooklyn poet Christian Hawkey interviews Swedish painter Mamma Andersson,  wherein a rumination on memory flows into architecture, with a digression on the subject of turtles.


Susan Shreve interviews Howard Norman.


Davis Kovacs, interviews Peter Nadas


Fionn Meade interviews Bela Tarr.


George Steel interviews Benedict Mason


David Salle and Sarah French ointerview Kate Valk.


Artists on Artists


Trevor Paglen on Nicola Lopez.


Rochelle Feinstein on Pam Lin.


Steve Earle on Robbie Conal


First Proof


Fiction by Ed Park, Diane Williams, Jill Bialosky and Rivka Galchen. Poetry by Anne Carson. Essay by Ambar Past. Art by Mikaela Días Días, Xpetra Ernándes, Sluz Hernández, Manwela Kokoroch, Rosa López Kómes, Loxa Jiménes Lópes, Roselia Montoya, Xunka’ Utz’utz Ni’, Antel Péres Ok’il, Munda Tostón, María Tzu and María Xila



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