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BOMB 106/Winter 2008-09


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Guillermo Kuitca speaks with artist Matias Duville about provocation, his winter of discontent, and a nomadism of the mind.


Jorge Macchi's experimentation with theatrical forms, music, and fiction feed the substance of his work. He was interviewed by composer Edgardo Rudnitzky


Josefina Guilisasti, artist and co-founder of INCUBO, sits down with Yoshua Okon to discuss her work ad Chilean summer beach-squatting.


Novelist Cristina Peri Rossi, who fled Uruguay after the military kidnapped a dissident student staying at her apartment, spoke with novelist Carmen Boullosa.


Cesar Aira, the prolific Argentinian novelist, granted a rare interview to Maria Moreno, who presents here a priviledged glimpse into the writer's life.


Nicanor Parra has been practicing antipoetry for over half a century. In this essay, poet Raul Zurita releases the detonating force of Parra’s work.


Lucrecia Martel is the first Latin American—and the first woman—director to be the subject of the “Tribute to” program at the Sarajevo Film Festival. She spoke with Haden Guest.


Babasonicos front man Adrian Dargelos explained to Laureana Toldeo how the band changed from a hobby into one of Argentina's best bands. 


The Chilean architect of Croatian descent Smiljan Radic  chats with fellow architect Jose Castillo about his uniquely surreal dwellings.


Artists on Artists


Nicolas Guagnini on Alejandro Cesarco's at once brazen and traditional work.


Andrew Moszynski on Fernanda Laguna's optimistic and socioeconomically aware artwork.


Emma Wilcox on seeing Sebastian Patane Masuelli's migrations and language learning in his work.


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Poetry by Sergio Chejfec, Lina Meruane, Ida Vitale, Raul Zurita, German Carrasco, Washington Cucorto and Roberto Echavarren. Fiction by Alan Pauls and Maria Moreno.



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Artwork by Cristobal Lehyt.


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