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BOMB 107/Spring 2009


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Adam Bartos and his photography are at the forefront of this interview with writer A.M. Homes.


Jacqueline Humphries created silver and ghost painting in a auto garage for the Prospect.1 Biennial. She talks with Cecily Brown about the beckoning mutability of her paintings.


Roxy Paine talks to the architectural team Tod Williams and Billie Tsien about Paine's most recent steel tree isolations, as well as his highly personal take on organic forms and machine-made art.


Eric Kraft sits down with Andrei Codrescu to discuss Kraft's novel Flying and the hilarious and digressive story of Peter Leroy.


Mary Gaitskill talks with Matthew Sharpe about her work and getting interviewed: "I dance around, make faces, and wildly pantomine in hopes of getting my meaning across." 


Matthew Buckingham's film based projects focus more on contemporary reading of historical events than on imagining an ultimately irretrievable past. He discusses the creation of the present with Josiah Mcelheney.


Cory Arcangel interviews Pauline Oliveros, the perpetual pioneer of electronic music.


Steve Lambert interviews The Yes Men, who invade business conferences and television newsrooms posing at politicians and corporate spokesmen. 


Artists on Artists


Marcella Durand looks at Joyce Pensato's iconic cartoon figures—Mickey Minnie, Daffy—transformed from their usual plastic media.


Kara Walker writes on her fellow African American Feminism Painter Mickalene Thomas.


Sandford Biggers looks at Rashid Johnson and his spray-painted text, his installations, and his Civil Rights All Stars and Uncle Tom All Stars series.


First Proof 


Photos by Bill Jacobson and Charles Mary Kubricht. Poetry by Rusty Morrison, Laura Mullen and J.R. Thelin. Fiction by Aana Menendez, Ben Ehrenreich and Michael Martone.


Bomb Specific

Art by David Clarkson.



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