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BOMB 111/Spring 2010


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Thom Donovan converses with Guy Ben-Ner, who merges family life with literary tropes and texts to produce his videos, combining comedy with erudite allusion.  


Filmmaker T.J Wilcox waxes nostalgic with photographer Anne Collier on the allure of buried legends, obsolete film stock, and a bygone gay New York.


Charles Bernstein talks about to Jay Sanders about poetry as the bridge between polyphonic play and aesthetic materiality, and about his new collection, All the Whisky in Heaven.


Sam Lipsyte's abrasively funny protagonists are the subject of a conversation with fellow novelist Christopher Sorrentino, fascinated by the frantic fluxion between stasis and crisis undergone by these "holy schlemiels."


Carlos Reygadas is interviewed by Jose Castillo. They discuss cinematic representation and why feel good movies make Reygada feel so bad.


Patricia Clarkson, who has long outlived the stereotypically short (and sexist) shelflife of a Hollywood actress, speaks to the poet Howard Altmann.


Unforgettably-voiced singer-songwriter David Sylvian sits down with recent collaborator, Keith Rowe, to talk about their joint project album, Manafon. 


Edgar Arceneaux, Charles Gaines and Rick Lowe converge at Gaines's LA studio to unpack the paradoxes and challenges of practicing art in public.


Artists on Artists


Joseph Strau looks into the notion of "dangerous formalism" and the work of Alex Hubbard


Jimbo Blachly confronts Joanna Malinowska's eclectic and mysterious exhibition, Time of Guerilla Metaphysics, at CANADA gallery.


Minna Proctor contemplates the universe of Sharon Harper's long exposure photographs of the starry night sky.  


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Photographs by Allen Frame. Poetry by Kimiko Hahn, Max Blagg, Clayton Eshleman and Bill Berkson. Fiction by Bernal Dwellings, Joshua Furst, Rikki Ducornet and Simon Lane


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