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BOMB 116/Summer 2011


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Belgian-born and Mexico City based artist Francis Alÿs describes how sparse scripts leads to maximal artistic results with poet Carla Faesler,


Artist Mickalene Thomas talks to Sean Landers about the influence of David Hockney, Matisse and "Mirror, mirror on the wall" on his work.


Binyavanga Wainaina chronicles the multiplicity of his African upbringing in his debut memoir, in conversation with fellow writer Rob Spillman.


Simon Van Booy and Siri Hustvedt compare notes on topics like “the soup of unconscious life.”


Natalia Almada confers with Chris Chang about her latest documentary and her motives for filming in a cemetery.


Joanna Newsom talks about her harp, her personas and her weakness for California with legendary British folk singer Roy Harper. 


Scott Shepherd, narrator of the Elevator Repair Service’s GATZ talks to playwright/director Richard Maxwell.


Artists on Artists


David Shapiro discusses his autobiographical show Money Is No Object, a show in which receipts, bills, and ticket stubs are meticulously reproduced by hand, with writer John Haskell, 


Steve DiBenedetto analyzes the psychedelic and nonconformist tendencies of the painter Michael Williams,


Mimi Thompson profiles Rachel Hovnanian, an artist who hauntingly represents beauty in its most chilling form.


First Proof


Fiction by Quim Monzo, Elissa Schappell, Erica Hunt. Poetry includes work from Anne Carson, Sarah V. Schweig, Nicolas Elliott. Portfolio by Paul Dickerson and Elena Berriolo.  



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