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BOMB 118/Winter 2011-12


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Manuel Cirauqui  talks to cover artist Jimmie Durham about his work with the American Indian Movement in the '70s, skeptical enchantment and the pros of interrupting oneself.


John Miller, known for his baroque paintings of consumer detritus, discusses his work with Liam Gillick.


Painter Suzanne McClelland examines visual acoustics, marginal language and musical references with poet Barry Schwabsky.

Paul La Farge and Peter Orner ponder the implications of immersing fiction in place, or, as in the hypertext of La Farge's Luminous Airplanes, non-place.


Yang Fudong, known for his elegant puzzle-like films, talks about his new project, The Fifth Night, with curator Li Zhenhua.


Downtown theatre company Radiohole discuss their commonalities with Occupy Wall Street and suggest alternate uses for plastic bags with Barbara Browning.


Artists on Artists 


Musician Stephen Vitiello on the notion of “the physical residue of music" in the work of sculptor and sound artist Jennie C. Jones.


Artist B. Wurtz on the connection between Tamara Zahaykevich’s small-scale hand-made sculptures and the details of everyday life.


First Proof

Poetry by David Buuck and Juliana SpahrTim Griffin, Kirsten Kaschock, and Romulus Linney. Fiction by Ben Marcus, and Sean Madigan Hoen. Art by Jimmy Raskin, and Bjorn Copeland. 


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Art by Peter Fend






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